I’ve heard variations of this a million times, “I can’t wait to start with you, and as soon as things settle down a bit, I’m going to sign up!” Sure enough, I run into that person a month, a year, or several years later at a restaurant or somewhere and they still have that same goal, but have never taken the leap to sign up. Let’s get this out of the way early, the perfect time to sign up for classes is right now! So first, stop reading this, call us at 925-449-1746, and schedule your first lesson! Oh, wait, you’re reading this at 3am? OK, never mind, we’re closed, so go to sleep and call us tomorrow…

All kidding aside, there will never be a point in your life that is “the perfect time to sign up.” There will always be that project at work/school, or that unexpected bill that needs to be paid, or that extracurricular activity your child is involved in. We completely understand if you need to schedule your lessons on a week-by-week basis. We have plenty of students who schedule their private lessons (for example) on a Monday at 2:00 one week, and then a Thursday at 7:00 the next. We’re used to people coming in for three group classes one week, and none the next. We understand school schedules, homework, other activities, etc., can get in the way of your training, and are happy to work around those.


There’s an expression, “It’s better to regret something you did, than to regret something you could have done and didn’t.” I agree with this expression 100%, especially since I know you won’t regret it! Who knows, maybe you’ll become a black belt with us, or maybe you’ll decide it’s not for you. Either way, it’s certainly not something to regret. But you WILL regret it if you have a goal of being a black belt, and suddenly you look back on your life, and realize that you could have been that black belt if you just took the leap. I’ve had countless adults tell me how they wish they started when they were younger. Well, guess what? You’re not getting any younger! Even if you’re interested in classes for a child, numerous studies have shown that kids learn things at a much faster rate when they’re younger. Do you want your child to learn the discipline, focus, self-confidence, and dozens of other benefits? Do you want to learn to defend yourself, reduce stress, improve your health, or any of the other dozens of benefits for adults? What are you waiting for? The perfect time does not exist!

We’ll look forward to chatting soon!