In our first entry to the blogosphere of the internet, I would like to answer a simple question: Why should you choose United Studios of Self Defense over any of the many other options that present themselves? In any metropolitan area, you will not find a shortage of options for martial arts training. Just like in anything, there are good schools and there are bad schools.
Below is just a partial list of what sets USSD and our instructors apart from the rest of the martial arts world. Every one of these is exclusive to USSD.

1) Professional Instructors: At USSD, all of our instructors must complete the USSD Academy of Professional Martial Arts Instruction. In this class, potential instructors are trained not only in their own martial arts training, but how to teach you and help you reach your full potential, in addition to teaching proper business practices. USSD is the only martial arts organization to train their instructors so thoroughly to ensure you are receiving the best possible instruction available.

2) Resources: With having over 100 schools nationwide (making us by far the largest martial arts organization in North America), we pool our resources to receive training from experts outside of the martial arts industry such as childhood education experts, physicians, therapists, FBI agents, and many more. While there are many studio chains, none of them receive this kind of training.

3) Accountability: USSD instructors are held to an incredibly high standard. If one fails to live up to those standards, there are repercussions ranging from retraining (where appropriate), to in more serious cases, removal from the studio.

4) History: Established in 1968, USSD has been at the forefront of every innovation in teaching the martial arts for nearly a half century. Included in those inovations are the above mentioned Instructor’s Academy, teaching of private lessons, the USSD Student Manual, mentorship programs, and much more.

5) Events: USSD produces the largest and highest rated events in the martial arts, most of which are exclusive to USSD students. Included in these events are tournaments, seminars, clinics, and even USSD sponsored trips to China. While these are not mandatory, many students enjoy the opportunity to expand their knowledge through these events.

6) USSD Student Manual/Videos: All students receive a copy of our USSD Student Manual, and a series of video tutorials to help them with their training. These professionally produced materials help you train, and provide insight into the history of the art as well.

7) Shaolin Temple: USSD has an exclusive working relationship with the Shaolin Temple in China, the birthplace of the martial arts. We have taken many trips there and trained alongside the monks, both on the grounds of the temple itself, and here in the Bay Area where we have hosted them on many occasions.

8) More!

Whether your goals are more self-defense for yourself, or for your child to learn discipline, focus, confidence, or any of the other of dozens of reasons people start with us, the above reasons, along with so many more, will all help give you the tools necessary for you to reach your full potential!